About Cuyahoga Valley Native Sons & Daughters

There is never a second chance to provide a great childhood.

What is CVNSND about?

The Cuyahoga ValleySons and Daughters Program is simply about forging great relationships. Relationships with your own children and relationships with other people in the community. Come share a lifetime of memories with your loved ones as you participate in fun, rewarding activities! Experience a one-on-one father/child relationship as you never have before. Acquire new friendships and develop a greater sense of belonging to family, neighborhood, and community. This nationally acclaimed program is unique–because unlike most youth programs, dads participate with their children in every activity!

Who is CVNSND for?

The program focuses on the one-on-one father child relationship. It is an ideal way to grow the bond between father and child. All activities are tailored to the needs of children in grades K through 4 and are centered around a Native American theme. The theme serves as a common level of interest between parent and child which is useful as a tool for introduction to Native American cultures. The spiritual belief systems embraced by these cultures are incorporated into the theme to help reinforce the parent and child’s own traditional family values.