FAQS: Can boys and girls both join?

CVNSND is an organization designed for fathers to spend time and enjoy activities with their sons or daughters. It’s a wonderful program for both boys and girls. Kids may join when they reach kindergarten. They will be assigned a tribe that is compatible with their grade level and gender. The tribe will continue to exist until the kids in the tribe reach 4th grade, at which time the tribe disbands, and the kids can become Pathfinders.

When kids join the Sons and Daughters Program, boys are assigned to an all-boy tribe. Girls are assigned to an all-girl tribe. During campouts, cabins are tribe-specific, so boys and girls will not be placed in the same cabin.

Most Longhouse events are designed for boys and girls. There are some exceptions. An example of a Longhouse event that is gender specific would be the Father/Daughter Dance.

Some tribe meetings can include multiple tribes, and in those cases, boys and girls might all attend the same tribe meeting. A perfect example of this was a water balloon war that was planned for two tribes of the same age. One tribe was boys and another was girls. Basically, the event was a large water balloon battle, with dads supplying the ammo and the pizza.

CVNSND is all about fun times and lasting memories, and events like that are memorable for all.

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