FAQS: How is CVNSND organized?

The Native Sons and Daughters Program is a Native American themed organization. Cuyahoga Valley Native Sons and Daughters is the branch of the organization in the Brecksville/Broadview-Heights area. Because of the Native American them, you’ll notice that it is organized into Native American themed parts. There are tribes with chiefs, and so on.

As a new member, you and your kids would join a tribe. Each child will be assigned a tribe that corresponds to his or her grade level and gender. The chief of the tribe is a dad who volunteers to oversee, organize and communicate information about tribe events and other Longhouse events to the rest of the tribe.

In addition to tribe chiefs, there are other chiefs at the Local Longhouse level. The Longhouse is the group of all of the tribes within CVNSND, and these chiefs have a volunteer role within the CVNSND organization. They include roles such as Longhouse Chief, Assistant Longhouse Chief, Property Chief, T-Shirt Chief, and many others.

Additionally, at the national level, there are chiefs, too. You can read a full history of the national organization here: http://www.nationallonghouse.org/about-us/.


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