FAQS: How old can kids be and still join?

A tribe forms for a group of kids who are in kindergarten. The tribe will exist until those kids reach 5th grade, after which the kids become pathfinders and the tribe ceases to exist.

Assuming you have a child who is older than kindergarten age, he or she would simply be placed in a tribe that matches their age/gender group. For example, if you have a 2nd grade boy, he would be placed in the tribe that has other 2nd grade boys in it. That tribe would have began when the kids we in kindergarten. The new child would simply be introduced to the tribe and join in all of the fun activities that CVNSND offers.

This happens to almost every tribe each year during recruiting season, which coincides with the end of summer. You’ll likely find that your child already knows some of the members from school, sports or other activities in the Brecksville/Broadview Heights area.

There is even a group designed for older kids. The Pathfinders group is set up for dads to create memories together with the children who are in grades five (5) through eight (8).

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