FAQS: What is a Longhouse?

CVNSND is actually just one part of a much bigger organization. The National Native Sons and Daughters Program has “longhouses” all over the country. So this begs the question, “What is a longhouse?”

A longhouse is the local group of all of the tribes within Cuyahoga Valley Native Sons and Daughters. There are ten tribes and one Pathfinders group within the longhouse. These are:

  • Kindergarten Boys
  • Kindergarten Girls
  • First Grade Boys
  • First Grade Girls
  • Second Grade Boys
  • Second Grade Girls
  • Third Grade Boys
  • Third Grade Girls
  • Fourth Grade Boys
  • Fourth Grade Girls
  • Pathfinders

Each tribe within the longhouse will choose a name when they form during their kindergarten year. The tribe will exist until the kids within the tribe complete fourth grade. Then they may choose to continue and become Pathfinders. If a child is older, he or she would be placed in the tribe that is their gender and the closest match to their current grade level.

When you here “longhouse”, just think of all of the tribes combined. You might here about an event being a “Longhouse Event.” That would mean the event would apply to all tribes.



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